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Payment Processing, Inc. is the industry leader in integrated payment processing, helping over 600 software developers and more than 12,000 merchants with efficient, cost-effective payment solutions. PPI’s superior technical staff works directly with RCG developers to assess end-user needs, assist with integration, and provide the best deployment service available. When you’re approved for a merchant account with PPI you get a complete payment processing solution for the life of your account, including unlimited technical support 24/7/365, complete administrative support for all banking and transactional questions, and competitive pricing.

PPI offers their merchants a $150,000 breach reimbursement guarantee; becoming PCI compliant is a way to ensure your business against the financial liabilities associated with suffering a security breach. If your business gets hacked and your customer’s credit card information is lost, the minimum cost of a forensic investigation is $10,000. There are additional breach related costs to your business, including reimbursement to the credit card brands for the new cards they issue, paying large fines, as well as the threat of losing customers when you inform them the credit information you collected from them has been stolen.

PPI's credit card solution is fully integrated with OSAS through Response Computer Group. For more information about the PPI/RCG solution, visit or send an email to Randy Ennis.

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