Virus, Pop-up, & Spyware Removal

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  • Has your computer slowed down?
  • Has your home page changed and you cannot change it back?
  • Does your web browser contain several toolbars?
  • Are you getting pop-up advertisements all of the time?
  • Do you end up at websites you did not want to go to?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, your system may be infected with malware.

Malware is typically installed for malicious purposes including tracking your web usage, sending ads to your computer, attempting to steal financial information, or using your computer to send spam.

Common sources of malware include:

Free games, music players or files, video players or files, and free screensavers from the internet

Free "tune-up" programs that pop up and warn you af numerous infections and problems, and     offering paid services to fix them

Infected ads on otherwise reputable websites

Calls from personnel claiming to be from Microsoft or other IT companies who ask for remote     access to your PC so they can correct errors

It can be difficult to confirm that all malware has been removed from a PC after scanning with common anti-virus software. Our comprehensive, hands-on malware cleanup process includes a PC tune up, hardware diagnostics, security updates, and scans with multiple anti-malware products to completely remove all traces of malicious and unwanted software. We guarantee our work!

The charge for this system cleaning is a $180 flat rate labor charge, and must be done at our shop.

***  If you bring a laptop in, be sure to bring your power supply with you.