PC Tune-Up

PC Tuneup

Has your computer become slow or unusable?
A PC tune-up can help return your computer to optimal performance.

Included in the Tune-Up:

  • Hardware Diagnostic Check (we will call if any part replacements are recommended)
  • Malware scan and Potentially Unwanted Program removal
  • Optimize Windows boot process and remove unnecessary startup files
  • Disk cleanup removing temporary internet files, cleaning user and Windows temp files, and removing old error reports
  • Install free antivirus if no antivirus is present or installed antivirus has expired
  • Install Windows critical updates and service packs
  • Clean out dust and debris from PC fans and heatsinks

The Tune-up must be performed at Response Computer Group's shop and may require at least 2 business days to complete. The service can be performed on laptops or desktop PCs.

Call for rates and details
(888) 698-0875