eBusiness Web Suite

The RCG Web Suite consists of one base product that can be configured to provide consumer (B2C), customer (B2B) and sales rep functionality. Features include: browser based administration, credit card processing interface, shipping charge calculation, order confirmation email, single click multi-level category navigation, wish lists, and much more.

  • Does NOT require OSAS Web or the OSAS ODBC kit, the only requirements are that the customer use OSAS 6.x or higher.
  • Real-time integration with the OSAS data files.
  • Mobile CRM
  • Scaleable design, base product with licensing options to meet your specific needs (B2B/B2C/Sales Rep).
  • Multi-domain licensing, one server installation can accommodate up to 99 domains.
  • Access Code based control of all web functions for each user.
  • "My Account" admin functions include:
    • Account Inquiry
    • Order Inquiry
    • Invoice Inquiry
    • Manage Your Account
    • Shipping Information
    • Credit Cards
  • Allows payment via credit card or terms (if valid for the customer).
  • Allows entry of new ship-to locations.
  • Easy administration via web browser, using the following menu items: Web Site Defaults, Add/Change Categories, Add/Change Inventory Items, Add/Change Stock Status, Add/Change Users
  • Product Search by item, description, or category.
  • Sends email to acknowledge receipt of order.
  • New menu function in OSAS to email notice for all verified and shipped orders. Includes details of the invoices and tracking information.
  • Option to interface with RCG Ship Track software.
  • Calculates shipping charges based on weight in the OSAS item.
  • Web Category Data Base.
  • Import Wizards for Items and Categories.
  • Ship Status Database (Usually ships within 24 hrs, Special order only, 2 week lead time, etc.)
  • Option to use OSAS sales tax calculation routines.
  • Credit Card processing interface
  • Banner Ads
  • Wish List
  • User database, w/ passwords, forgot your password. Email to the user on-file.
Screenshot of Mobile CRM Main Menu
Screenshot of Mobile CRM Customer Entry Screen
Screenshot of Mobile CRM Opportunities