Open Systems Accounting Software®

OSAS® is a powerful, award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac users. OSAS is flexible and easy to customize to your requirements. Built on a long track record of successful implementations, OSAS accounting and distribution applications are easy to learn and use. A proven industry leader, OSAS will meet your needs and expectations now and in the future.

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Robust Functionality

Open Systems has over 30 years of experience providing award-winning business solutions and incorporating feedback from real-world users to further enhance the software.

Availability & Strong Support

Several hundred authorized value added resellers sell, support and customize Open Systems products. Many vertical applications are also available from OSAS developers, including RCG.

Platform Portability

With OSAS, you can choose the platform that suits your business: Windows, Mac, UNIX/Solaris/AIX, or Linux. In addition, OSAS can be deployed in a client/server distributed environment for additional platform flexibility and scalability.

Interface Flexibility

Some users prefer character-based screens; others want to use graphical screens. Have it your way! OSAS allows you to mix and match screens in the same accounting system.

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Direct Deposit
  • Fixed Assets
  • Inventory
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Bill of Materials/Kitting
  • Landed Cost
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OSAS 8.0

Introducing OSAS version 8

Your customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders expect you to be available, informed, and connected at any time, day or night. Without a doubt, it is a mobile and accessible world in which we live. The demand for quick answers, fast information access, seamless report sharing, and stable business platforms is greater than ever before, and that demand is increasing. To help you answer the call, Open Systems, Inc. announces OPEN SYSTEMS® Accounting Software (OSAS®) version 8, the latest iteration of our powerful, comprehensive business and accounting software suite.

As the people working within your business need access to information away from the desktop with greater frequency, your ERP software must provide ways to make this data available when and where it is needed. OSAS version 8 adds new features to the robust, scalable, and reliable OSAS software you’ve come to depend upon and places it all atop a technology platform built to retrieve and deliver the information you need in ways that give you a competitive edge in your industry

Key Features of OSAS 8:

  • Java based BBj platform
  • OSAS reporting redesign using JasperReports
  • Export reports in PDF, Excel, HTML, or text formats
  • Improved data management, longer fields for data entry, faster access, sorting, and expanded ODBC
  • CRM module
  • Dashboard module
  • OSAS auto updater – automatic updates for new features and service packs

OSAS 8 is currently in development, tentative availability 2013 – Q4
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Popular Additions

Credit Cards

Payment Processing, Inc. is the industry leader in integrated payment processing, helping over 600 software developers and more than 12,000 merchants with efficient, cost-effective payment solutions. PPI's superior technical staff works directly with RCG developers to assess end-user needs, assist with integration, and provide the best deployment service available. When you're approved for a merchant account with PPI you get a complete payment processing solution for the life of your account, including unlimited technical support 24/7/365, complete administrative support for all banking and transactional questions, and competitive pricing. PPI's credit card solution is fully integrated with OSAS through Response Computer Group.

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We can help you speed up Sales Order verification by updating the invoice quantities as you pick up the order, even print the invoice from the handheld unit. Freely roam about your warehouse using a handheld device with a real-time Wi-Fi connection to your OSAS information. You can now easily perform a physical count with single step entry of the quantities. Response Computer Group has developed a suite of handheld OSAS applications that allow you to do all this and much more!

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Work Order

Response Computer Group has developed a software package to meet the specialized needs of service, repair, and maintenance companies. It incorporates over 25 years of experience and ideas accumulated from working with businesses like yours. It was designed for ease of use, accuracy, and speed while providing critical and timely information to help manage your business.

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"Awesome Customer Service. Fixed our computer in 24hrs!"

Donna & Bill at

"Our family uses the internet constantly. However, we are dead in the water when it comes to figuring out and fixing computer problems. We recently had a serious problem with my computer, and also needed to switch to wi-fi, and didn’t know where to turn. There were over 80 service providers listed in our area. We had already tried two with disappointing results. We drove past Response Computer Group and went in. Our entire experience with this company has been fabulous. They are beyond a “10.” We highly recommend them and guarantee you won’t be disappointed."

Lennie Martin, Greenwood, DE

"Response Computer Group has been handling our data processing needs since 1989. When we were ready to computerize our operations, they were able to use the OSAS platform to customize software that allowed us to replicate our manual accounting system. Over the years we have worked together on several innovative solutions to help our company capitalize on new technologies. Probably the most ambitious was completed in 1997 when we installed Panasonic ToughBooks on our service vans and used Verizon's CDPD Network to transmit work orders to our vehicles. One important asset that Response brings to their customers is the ability to listen to the problem and develop a solution that fits the customer's needs - not the programmer's. We value our partnership with Response Computer Group and would highly recommend them."

George Sherman Corporation

"We began using OSAS in 1990. In our business we are required to meet certain regulations that can and do change. We must have an accurate method of recordkeeping for our serial number history and customer files, as well as inventory and customer maintenance. With OSAS and the modifications made by RCG we have the system we need to comply with any and all guidelines."

Kiesler Police Supply

"Wyoming Millwork Co. selected Open Systems from our inception and we haven't looked back since. The system has always had the integrated products we needed plus the flexibility to add enhancements as we grew. Response Computer Group has also been there from the beginning and we couldn't have done it without them."

Wyoming Millwork Co.

"We have used OSAS for many years now. With the ability to have the POS refined to our specific needs by Response Computer Group, it has worked very well for us in tracking our lumber and building materials sales and costs. We have found Response Computer Group to be prompt and knowledgeable in all of our computer needs."

The Adkins Co. Inc.

"Arranging the OSAS programs with a competent staff is the key ingredient of Response Computer Group. The software can be installed off the shelf i.e. General Accounting or fine tuned to Manufacturing consisting of Purchase Order, Inventory and Bill of Material/Kitting. Whether you need on-site or over the phone help, Response handles the package expertly."

Ultrachem Inc.

"Response Computer Group has the knowledge and background that has made OSAS come alive for our business applications and processes. With the addition of their suite of applications and programming skils that compliment OSAS, our business software has become an engine that drives and improves our productivity and efficiency."

Carolina Mattress Guild

"Working with Response Computer Group over the last 4 years has been a wonderful experience for us. There understanding of our operations and their willingness to constantly adapt software to our needs has made huge impact in our efficiencies. The programs created by RCG in the last few years have reduced our data entry requirements by at least 50% and the Manufacturing and Beyond for bedding application has given us complete control over our manufacturing processes. We are looking forward to continuing our successful relationship with RCG in the years to come."

Sleeptronic, Inc.

"Response Computer Group truly lives up to its name…responsive. They have the resources and knowledge to provide us the solutions and OSAS customizations we need. The staff at RCG makes us feel like we are their first priority, and support issues are handled quickly and efficiently. Working with RCG has been a pleasure."

Englander/TSP, Inc.

"Pleasant Mattress, Inc. started using RCG when we upgraded from OSAS 5 to 7. RCG has provided complete support for OSAS 7 and for the integration of a new Linux Red Hat Server which has made this transition a lot easier than it could have been. RCG has made many modifications to the OSAS Software to make it fit our mattress manufacturing needs. The customer service and technical support have been excellent.”

Plesant Mattress, Inc.

"My father started working with computers when a 5mb disk was the size of a refrigerator. He wrote our entire system. We have been working with Response Computer Group for at least 15 years - first with RECAP, then with UNIX, and now with Linux and OSAS. Dad wasn't happy about it, but he trusted the decision to work with RCG and we switched to OSAS on January 1, 2007. It has been working smoothly since. Phase 2 of our conversion will start later this year, and we look forward to working with everyone at Response on another smooth and well managed upgrade."

Hodges Badge Company, Inc.